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Hi there, creative people! My name is Xeny and I'm a free artist from Europe, Czech Republic. These are my original art works. Please, do respect my copyright.

Creative process p.3

What can I add more? oh well I just want you to know, that I don’t do my art technically, I do it spiritually and I put my soul, heart and all my hopes into every piece I do. 

Mostly I spend 3-4 weeks on a portrait, because I’m a maniac, I go deep into details till my head is spinning and eyes hurt, but before I will see that every mole, eyelashes, grey hair and the texture of the skin is done I wont stop *nervous maniac laughter*

I hope you enjoy seeing my art, as well as I do enjoy creating it.

PS: Guys if you did read this and enjoyed it, don’t be shy, come on, rise your finger, and press the little heart button down there, yeah, so I would know that I’m not doing it only for myself ;)

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  5. olgg said: I will never get over how amazing your art is, and knowing where it comes from makes it even more stunning. I just love the “in the process” pics, with like one side of the face done and the rest in sketch - they have the feel of “coming to life”
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